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Now available after years of development and testing.

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Lifesilver offers exclusively the products derived from the silver technologies of a dedicated American biotech research company. The maker of these products utilizes a completely new medical silver technology which has garnered multiple patents in the U.S. - and worldwide intellectual property protection, including a broad-use patent that provides the company with exclusive rights to its silver-based products to combat many of the world’s most common, and dangerous ailments. There is currently in peer review a human trial performed at The University of Utah. It will be published soon. To our knowledge this is the first human trial ever performed with a specifically branded silver supplement in an accredited university study.

November 14, 2006 - The first US Patent, ever, for a nano silver particle is issued. US Patent number 7135195.

The process patents for manufacturing our silver solutions were approved years ago, but until now, there has never been a silver particle so molecularly unique and identifiable that the engineered silver particle could be considered for patent protection. This approval would not have been possible without the reams of accumulated research data, which were submitted with the application. Of particular significance was the peer reviewed, four year study performed at the Pennsylvania State University, Materials Science Department. It proved conclusively that the nano-catalytic silver molecule was of the purest silver, in near-solution in the purest water (not an ionic colloidal suspension), and coated with a unique oxide shell which carries a negative electron charge, as opposed to the positive particle charge of an ionic colloid. These properties go a long way toward explaining the superior performance of these silver preparations. Their stability is amazing and their shelf life is demonstrated to be in excess of 10 years, even after boiling or freezing. This makes them perfect survival long storage items. No conventional silver colloid can make that claim. We guarantee it.

One teaspoon full, consumed once or twice daily as a nutritional supplement, provides a powerful prophylactic boost for the immune system. The clear ASAP topical gel promotes rapid and natural healing of the skin. See the science: CLICK HERE

The Molecular difference

Multiple Modes of Action

Testing has uncovered multiple modes of action by which the ABL Metallic Nano-silver Particle functions. First, it has an ability to steal multiple electrons (compared to ionic silvers which can only steal one). Second, each particle is permanently embedded with a resonant frequency, which allows the particles to have a positive effect on things, without needing direct contact with them. Lastly, the particles also utilize a very useful electrostatic charge.

Patented by American Biotech Labs, this metallic nano particle is coated with a multivalent silver oxide coating or “skin”. With this outer coating, the silver particle is attracted to the surrounding water molecules, and as such, becomes part of the structure of the water. This makes the silver much more stable and bioavailable than other silver particles.

Additionally, the unique Ag4O4 coating gives the silver particle multiple modes of action by which the particle can be useful in the body:

  • Ability to steal electrons
  • Resonant Frequency
  • Electrostatic Charge
See the science: CLICK HERE

ASAP Solution 10 ppm ASAP Solution

ASAP Solution is a nanoparticle silver that is the end result of a new technology so unique that the USPT office issued it the first silver colloid process patent awarded since 1924. The extensive scientific testing has resulted in joint venture product development of a second line of products being evaluated for prescription sales. The products created from these joint venture projects will be sold as over the counter pharmacy goods and as prescription medicines, at prescription medicine prices. There is no need to wait. ASAP Solution is available for you and your family today, through lifesilver.com, at remarkable savings from the manufacturer's list price.

ASAP Solution Immune System Support is:

  • Doctor recommended...
  • Tested by major accredited universities and certified independent laboratories...
  • Patented manufacturing process and molecule...
  • Immune system support...
  • Over 10 million bottles now shipped...

    Lifesilver.com offers you this superior product at a generous savings from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

    ASAP Solution (10 ppm)

    Single bottle - 8 oz.

    Retail Price.......................$29.95

    Lifesilver.com Price.........$19.95

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    ASAP Solution (10 ppm)

    12 Bottle Case


    55% Savings! PLUS Free Shipping Anywhere In The US

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PATIS 30 Super StrengthPatis 30

PATIS 30 is a private labeled, engineered nanoparticle silver, manufactured in the same facility and using the same process as ASAP. It was created to market primarily through the professional health care industry. We are able to offer it, here, to the public.

At a potent strength of 30 ppm of nanoparticle sized pure silver molecules, it is designed to address serious problems aggressively. It is packaged in a large 16 ounce bottle.

Twice the Quantity Triple the Strength

Lifesilver.com offers you this superior product at a generous savings from the manufacturer's suggested retail price.

PATIS 30 (30 ppm)

Single bottle - 16 oz.

Retail Price.......................$69.95

Lifesilver.com Price.........$49.95

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PATIS 30 (30 ppm)

10 Bottle Case


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Introductory Special:
Combo Pack

Complete as pictured:

  • 1 - PATIS 30 - 16 oz Triple Strength Solution
  • 2 - ASAP Solution - 8oz Regular Strength
  • 1 - Trigger Spray Pump for 16 oz bottle
  • 1 - Pocket/Purse Mist Spray Bottle
  • 1 - Pocket/Purse Nasal Mist Bottle
  • 1 - Laboratory Transfer Pipette

Total Package Price Only...$79.95

A savings of over $63.00 off retail pricing!

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Combo Pack

  • Same great package as our Combo Wellness Pack
  • PLUS + 1 tube of ASAP Ultimate Skin & Body Care Gel - Discounted 20%

Total Package Price Only...$99.95

A savings of over $68.00 off retail pricing!

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Now Available -- After years of development and testing. This topical gel incorporates the patented Nano-Catalytic Silver Hydrosol technology.

ASAP Ultimate Skin & Body Care Gel bodycare

This water soluble, non-staining gel soaks directly and deeply into the skin and speeds natural healing. ASAP Solution, at a strength of 24 parts per million of pure nanoparticle silver, is suspended in a soothing clear gel. The gel is absorbed into the skin in seconds, leaving an invisible protective film on the surface.

  • Doctor Recommended
  • Tested by major universities and certified independent laboratories
  • Patented Process – US Patent #7,135,195
  • Independent Scientific Testing
  • Peer Reviewed and Published Scientific Papers
    ASAP Ultimate Skin & Body Care (24 ppm)
    Single 4 oz. tube

    Lifesilver.com price...$24.95

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NOTE: These accessories can only be ordered in conjunction with a purchase of our silver products, and will be included in that order's packaging. They cannot be ordered separately.

They are offered only as a convenience to users of our nano-catalytic silver hydrosols.

Mist Spray Bottle

mist bottle

1 ounce mist pump spray bottle with sanitary cap. This bottle has many purposes, from topical, waste free skin applications to oral back of the throat and deep inhale use.

Single bottle (empty)

Retail Price.......................$3.95

Lifesilver.com Price.........$2.95

Must be purchased with
ASAP or Patis 30

Special Offer

3 bottles for $7.50

Must be purchased
with ASAP or Patis 30

Nasal Mist Spray Bottle

nasal spray bottle

A handy compact 20 ml pump nasal spray for pocket or purse. Includes sanitary cap and spray lock, to prevent accidental discharge.

Single bottle (empty)

Retail Price..................$4.95

Lifesilver.com Price...$3.95

Must be purchased
with ASAP or Patis 30

Special Offer

3 bottles for $8.95

Must be purchased
with ASAP or Patis 30



You will find many uses for this extremely pliable soft plastic, fine tip, dose calibrated, 7 ml capacity laboratory transfer pipette. It is invaluable for safe, precise, oral, eye and ear treatment for small children. It is also handy for safely treating your pets. It can be metered drop by drop, or filled up to 7 ml capacity for oral doses.

SAFETY: Far superior to glass eyedroppers which can chip or break

Single Pipette

Retail Price.................$2.49

Lifesilver.com Price...$1.95

Must be purchased
with ASAP or Patis 30

Special Offer

3 pipettes for $5.00

Must be purchased with ASAP or Patis 30
See the science: CLICK HERE
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