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About Us

The original concept behind the creation of was to present the science and history behind silver in healing. As we dug into the research, we discovered that the grandiose claims of most colloidal silver manufacturers, today, had little or no credible scientific testing to substantiate their claims. In fact, laboratory testing at the Department of Microbiology, at Brigham Young University, discovered that among the various brands that they tested, there was a disparity of between 15% to 99% bioavailability, with the median numbers being between 15% and 65% bioavailability. ASAP Solution was the only product tested that possessed an impressive 99% bioavailability. To our knowledge, no other colloidal silver possesses this proven level of readily useable germicidal killing power, and among those other brands tested at BYU, none came close to this number.

It is always encouraging for us to hear about a new use for these silver hydrosols that our readers have discovered. Don't hesitate to send them along. We would never publish any correspondence without the writer’s express permission. All testimonials respect the donors privacy by signing only with the first name and last initial. We would appreciate knowing what city and state the contribution came from though. All submissions are accepted through the contact link listed below. Also, any silver news that appears in your local hometown print or electronic media is always welcome. Just include the source URL or a scanned copy in your email.

Please explore the pages here. We feel that we have provided a valuable resource for those seeking the current state of the art in modern nanoparticle silver technology. Should you fail to find an answer for a specific question, please feel free to contact us.

Bear in mind that we are not medical doctors and do not presume to be able to diagnose your specific health issues in this venue, but we do have access to many sources of information and will gladly provide what assistance we can, upon request. While we always urge individuals to research and learn for themselves, as much as possible, about a specific condition that concerns them, a trusted physician should always be your first choice for any serious illness or health problems.


We occasionally receive email that expresses a certain suspicion in doing business with us, since our only contact information is an email address and a PO Box at our shipping facility. This is understandable.

When we conceived the project we decided to make it a pure electronic source of information and marketing, not a “brick and mortar” operation. Since the participating Lifesilver colleagues are spread out across nine time zones, four states in the US and one member in Europe, a centralized location providing access to all of the components which make up was not possible. We are all connected, constantly, electronically via the internet.

The colleague with the greatest overview of the products and operation - and the one tasked with answering the variety of technical and health care questions which we receive is located in Europe. We felt that imposing the cost of international telephone contact with him would be asking too much of our current and prospective clients. We would prefer to assume that cost as a normal operating expense. We also did not want to give the impression, to our US clients, that this was a foreign company. It is not.

Therefore, should one need to urgently speak directly with, an email to expressing this desire and containing your telephone number, your time zone and the best time to call, will receive an immediate international return call at our expense… from the person best qualified to handle our customer service.

Since the email address, above, is monitored approximately 16 – 18 hours a day, an urgent request for contact can usually be responded to in minutes – either by email or telephone. All general information requests and submissions are handled through the address with the same fast response times.

Our reputation for speed and customer service is very important to us. We ship your order within 24 hours of notification, barring Sundays and postal holidays, via US Postal Service, Priority Mail. Orders arrive within 2 – 3 postal business days in the US and 6 – 10 days at international destinations.

We have shipped thousands of bottles of our products to customers, all over the world, many of whom have taken the time to express their amazement at the speed with which they were delivered – and the quick thoroughness and courtesy with which their inquiries were addressed. We have no plans to reduce this level of customer service and, in fact, continually strive to improve upon it. We always welcome your input as it greatly assists us in this goal.


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