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A prominent doctor of toxicology gives an informative talk about the products offered here. Turn on your speakers and click the play button below to listen.

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"The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind."
-- Philipus Aureolus Paracelsus

"Physician, heal thyself."
-- Luke 4:23

Welcome to Lifesilver Facts

This site will demonstrate the advantages of the cutting edge technology, which created silver sols (nano-catalytic silver hydrosols), over conventional colloidal silver preparations.

We proudly distribute exclusively the ASAP Solution products of American Biotech Labs (ABL). These are the only scientifically proven non-toxic silver preparations, made by a patented process which engineers pure elemental silver molecules into their optimal state. These molecules were found to be so unique that they were granted US Patent protection.

This doctor recommended, clinically tested silver solution has been successfully used in African, Asian, Indian and US hospitals and clinics to treat malaria, cholera, AIDS, flu, MRSA (methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus), hepatitis, respiratory infections (pneumonia, bronchitis), tuberculosis, gonorrhea, sinus infections, food poisoning, vaginitis, staph and strep infections, thrush, burns, wounds, skin, yeast and fungal infections, diaper rash ... and a long list of other microbial pathogens, including Yersinia pestis (bubonic plague).

American Biotech Labs currently holds one FDA approval and numerous pending FDA applications, four different EPA approvals, three US Patent approvals, a homeopathic drug approval from the country of Ghana West Africa, and a number of other international approvals and licenses which are currently pending. No other maker of silver supplements can demonstrate this level of accredited independent science and safety studies required to make application for the above governmental documents.

American Biotech Labs' products were found to be so effective that the President of the company was invited to testify before a U.S. Congressional Committee. Also submitted to the Committee were numerous pages of hard effectivity data which is included in the appendix of the congressional testimony, and should be reviewed by all. Included in the appendices were personal reports on the products' effectiveness from a number of independent people, including: a renowned cancer doctor, one of the top material scientists in the world, a three star military general (he served as Surgeon General of the U.S. Air force, now retired and working with Homeland Security), and also one of the highest ranking U.S. Senators. Credibility on this level has to be earned, it just isn't given.

See what no other silver supplement maker can show you… graphically documented medical case histories.

In December of 2009, The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine held its annual conference. These are attended by physicians, health practitioners and governmental officials. One of the invited guest speakers at the 2009 conference was Dr. Gordon Pedersen, a toxicologist who had done extensive virological testing using the products of American Biotech Labs’ nano-catalytic silver hydrosol research. Here is the video and power point presentation of Dr. Pedersen’s ongoing human clinical research.

WARNING: Some of the slides in this presentation are medically graphic. They are sequentially photographed case studies of real people, some with long term, horrible antibiotic resistant infections, which only healed after our silver solutions and gels were introduced into their therapies. There are those of you who may find these images disturbing.

The Molecular difference
Multiple Modes of Action

Testing has uncovered multiple modes of action by which the ABL Metallic Nano-silver Particle functions. First, it has an ability to steal multiple electrons (compared to ionic silvers which can only steal one). Second, each particle is permanently embedded with a resonant frequency, which allows the particles to have a positive effect on things, without needing direct contact with them. Lastly, the particles also utilize a very useful electrostatic charge.

Patented by American Biotech Labs, this metallic nano particle is coated with a multivalent silver oxide coating or “skin”. With this outer coating, the silver particle is attracted to the surrounding water molecules, and as such, becomes part of the structure of the water. This makes the silver much more stable and bioavailable than other silver particles.

Additionally, the unique Ag4O4 coating gives the silver particle multiple modes of action by which the particle can be useful in the body:

  • Ability to steal electrons
  • Resonant Frequency
  • Electrostatic Charge