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ASAP Consumer Testimonials
(Some of these testimonials have been edited for brevity. Included here are comments relating only to the specific symptom(s) addressed.)

Your product saved my mom’s life.

My mother was infected with MRSA in July of 2006 at a nursing home. She nearly died after complications from the infection and, consequently, pneumonia. The wound on her foot got worse to the size of a baseball in diameter on her heel. She battled with this infection for almost a year and re-entered the hospital in March of 2007. She was sick again from the MRSA and the wound on her foot was no better after 6 months. The doctors said her foot would never heal because of the MRSA and that she was on the verge of amputation.

I contacted a naturopath doctor and he suggested your product. I was cynical about your product, but I was desperate to help save my mom from dying. After four months, my mom's foot is healed, the sore is no longer there and the skin has grown over. It was miraculous. I am thankful for your product.

I have photos, if you want. I wouldn't have believed them myself a year ago.

Allen R
Hurst, TX

I have just donated my tube (gel) to a poor lady with cancer, on chemo, nasty nasty weeping wounds and rashes, likely herpes related, and she slept for first time in weeks last night, both the lady and her McMillan (palliative care) nurses are super impressed :)

Awesome product.

Mandi M.
Dorset, UK

I have used your products about 8 years, now, and I would like to add a few "instances" of miraculous recovery.

On one occasion, my youngest grandson, who was about 13, was staying with me. He came in from school and said the teacher said there was something on his back. He had not complained in any way. I raised the back of his shirt and was dismayed to see a very long, lilac colored rash down his back near his spine. It was about 18 inches long and about 2-3 inches wide. It was too late to make a doctor's appointment that day. So, I gave him a dose of ASAP and told him to lean over the back of the chair. At that time, I did not have the gel, so I used a dropper and rubbed his back thoroughly with the ASAP. The next morning I gave him another dose orally. I am ashamed to say that a couple of days went by and I forgot about it! Then he came in from school and the teacher asked him if he had been to the doctor, which he had not, so she sent him to the school nurse. Because I had forgotten to make an appointment, I began to get a really uneasy feeling in my stomach! He said he got to the nurses station and she looked at his back for a few minutes and then called the teacher to ask "What am I looking for?" I checked his back after his story and it was all gone! THANK YOU ASAP!

Another time he came home with flu symptoms. This time he had a dose right then and again at bedtime. And another dose that morning and 2 more during the day. The following day (day 3) he had no symptoms and felt fine and went back to school. This has happened with us adults, too.

And last, I have a dearly loved Siamese cat. Recently as I was holding her, I noticed a perfectly round chunk of hair was missing a little off center between her ears. You could see the scalp! There was a tiny red dot in it to the side. She is an indoor cat and I could not think what could have done that! Anyway, it was very tender, so I had some ASAP Silver Gel handy. I put a small daub on my finger and put it on the perfect circle where there was no hair. Of course, she flew away. I checked it the next day and it did not look angry, but a couple days later, I dosed her again. I see she is growing her hair back and seems OK.

Kay B.
Nicholasville, KY

I would like to thank you for the fast delivery of my Combo Pack order. I ordered on a Friday and received the package on Monday.

I would also like to say that since taking it I have had no sinus or ear infections. I used to always get them and bad cases. My ear infections would get so bad that twice my ear drums were perforated. My sinus infections would get so bad my face and jaw would swell. Doctors prescribed antibiotics so much for me that they quit working. Now I am infection free thanks to ASAP.

I also was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. The ASAP seems to have decreased the muscle pain very much. I still get the "fibro fog" but it is less intense. And, I still get some joint pain but that is also less intense and probably due to my arthritis.

I have quit taking the pain medicine prescribed by my physician, Butalbital. Now all I take are prescriptions for my high blood pressure. But, my blood pressure has now continuously been low so I might soon be able to decrease that prescription.

Besides myself, my daughter and grandsons have also used the ASAP and successfully fought off infections.

I am convinced of the amazing properties of ASAP and continually tell others of it. It is the one thing I have found that cures many things and helps keep me healthy.

Its' amazing help with my fibromyalgia has been a blessing.[…]

I am going to have to have some serious dental work and I know they are going to want to put me on antibiotics as I was born with a VSD, hole in my heart. The ASAP has cleared up all the problems in my gums and I have NO pain not even from teeth that use to hurt sooo bad. Anyway, I'm not going to give in and take any antibiotics as I have no infections. I just can't be more thankful for how the ASAP how improved my health. The fibromyalgia used to make me bedridden for weeks at a time. Now fibromyalgia doesn't get me down at all.[…]

I just discovered one more thing. I was looking down and noticed that my once yellow toenails were now totally cleared up and normal again [fungal nail infection].

It seems there is no end to the benefits of ASAP.

Thank you.

Cynthia B
Omaha, NE

I received an email from Pay Pal telling me that the shipping charge on my order was being refunded. That kind of attention to the details of service, for some reason, has moved me to tears. Thank you so much for doing that. [PayPal shopping cart shipping overcharge]

We love this product so much. My husband's life is transformed in two weeks. He is outside right now chopping wood to make the first fire of the season this year. In fact, it will be our first fire made by him in two years. He couldn't chop wood last year, he was too sick. [Diagnosed as adult onset asthma]

He hasn't used his albuterol or advair for OVER TWO WEEKS! His color is good, he has been enjoying life so much. We had 'date night' on Friday (haven't done that since Christmas last year & that put him to bed for a day after that four-hour outing). We went to our grandson's football game. We stayed for the whole thing and he cheered! I can't tell you how angry I was when I realized, during that game, that all the visits to the doctor, all the prescriptions and all the appliances and all the money that we threw at his lungs did absolutely nothing. Well, it created frustration. I want the time and money and heartache BACK FROM THEM!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! Sorry.

Anyway. ASAP has given me back my pal and sweetie. And that is everything. No matter what else happens.

And, you refunded my shipping charges, too.

See why I'm crying?

Thank you.

Stefani L
Okanogan, WA

I have been using ASAP for six months now as an alternative to anti-biotics. We use it to help battle my daughter's MRSA infection. Since adding ASAP to our daily routine we thank God she has not had any MRSA outbreaks.

I keep a small spray bottle in the car, as well as in my purse - we use it on the slightest sign of infection as MRSA can enter the body thru a small cut, scratch or insect bite. We also use the Patis 30 disinfectant [spray] as a preventive to the spread of this dangerous bacteria methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus.

Thank you.

Renee L
Philadelphia, PA

I am now on Patis 30 for 4 days. I have 2 bottles of the ASAP, which I will begin using [prophylactically] after the Patis treatment.

I am taking just slightly less than 2 tablespoons per day, holding it under my tongue for sub-lingual ingestion, then a swish or 3 in the mouth, and swallowed.

In these short days of treatment, I have noticed:

1) Massive reduction in “stuffy sinuses".

2) Clearer complexion.

3) Total, instantaneous elimination of halitosis. Even though I was without ASAP for over a week, the halitosis was STILL gone! (Cause is / was from Gingivitis and nefarious Root Canals.) In other words, the bacterium were killed...totally wiped-out!

4) Gums are NOTICEABLY healthier!

As you probably know bad teeth / severe gingivitis is known to cause heart disease and sinus infections.

Well, my body was evidently working really hard fighting infection, as I now have a lot more energy and I'm waking-up in the morning feeling very well-rested...this in only a few days!

Amoxicillin could not begin to achieve the same results after a 30 day course of 3x 500 mg / day!

More to follow as I continue treatment.

Steve D
Annapolis, MD

We took our two year old son to the doctor because of a serious bacterial infection on the skin, impetigo. The doctor prescribed some topical antibiotic cream and told us that it would take at least 7 days to start noticing results and about 2 – 3 weeks to completely clear up. I immediately put the ASAP on the patches and within 2 days it was 99% gone. WOW!! This is one of the greatest products I have ever used.

Andrew M.
Longmont, CO

When two of my children developed pink eye, I used ASAP Solution to clear it up and it worked faster and easier than anything I’ve ever used before. With the ASAP Solution I saturated a cotton ball and wiped the eyes several times a day. The next day there was significant improvement and by the second day the pink eye was completely gone. A couple of days later I started with the itchy swollen eyes, I put a drop of the ASAP Solution in my eyes three times during the day and by the next day they were cleared up.

I also recently used it for flu symptoms that went through our family. We took ASAP Solution four times a day and the flu was gone in a day in each person

When my baby developed thrush, a fungus of the mouth, I used ASAP Solution to clear it up and it worked faster and easier than anything I’ve ever used before. I have used a prescription medication on one of my other children, which didn’t work, and then used another medication that was very messy. With the ASAP Solution I used a dropper and placed a couple of drops in each side of her mouth three or four times a day and in two days the thrush was gone.

I also recently had mastitis, an infected milk duct, in one of my breasts. I have used prescription antibiotics to treat this previously but I don’t like to take medication when I am nursing. I took one teaspoon of ASAP Solution four times a day and the pain, swelling and redness was gone in two days and did not return.

Thank you for making such an amazing product that continues to help my family and me.

Cheryl T.
Highland, UT

Well, a week ago my eyelid became infected. It was flaming red, the bump was larger and now I was experiencing some pain. On Friday, January 14th, my eyelid was really bad. I received your Silver Solution that day and began to apply it directly to my eyelid several times that evening. I continued to use it throughout the weekend and the results were phenomenal. Here it is Thursday, less than a week later and my eyelid is completely healed.

Maureen H.
Henderson, NV

Several months ago, at the height of the cold season, I contracted a virus that causes blisters to form in the mouth and on the tongue. I’ve never had anything like this before and the blisters were extremely painful. I tried your product (swishing it around in the mouth for 5 minutes before swallowing). Within 4 hours the pain from the blister on my tongue had gone. Within 12 hours the blister itself had almost vanished. Only a slight trace of where it used to be could be seen. This is the first testimonial of any kind that I have ever written and I am very happy to do so.

Roy V.
Renton, WA

[...] I am writing to let you know how pleased I have been with my experience with your ASAP Solution.

I have been on antibiotics off and on for a Urinary Tract Infection for over five years. It is not long after finishing the antibiotics each time that the bacteria infection reoccurs. The doctor has tried several different treatments to see if we could have any success. I have read everything I could find on the subject hoping to find natural products that would help as I have suffered some side effects from the antibiotics.

[…] Not long after I obtained some [ASAP] from your company I used a few drops in my ears for a vertigo problem I had been having for several days. It cleared up immediately. I have been taking two teaspoons a day for nearly three weeks for the UTI [urinary tract infection] and when I went to the doctor this morning I received the report that it was completely clear.

Needless to say I am grateful for your product and want to keep it on hand if the UTI [urinary tract infection] returns. I wish you continued success with the research you are conducting

Melissa W.
Salt Lake City, UT

I am 23 years old and still my face is adorned with acne. Any time it is particularly important to look good – for example NOW because of my wedding in two weeks, I can count on an especially generous supply of zits. Finding a practical solution for this problem has been quite a challenge. I use the finest skin care products but the problem is internal – heavily related to stress. I have been hesitant to get on any prescription drugs because of the side effects that are so often related. I was desperate – and then I found ASAP. I originally tried applying it topically, but as I said, my problem wasn’t external and I got no results. I changed my approach and began drinking it in my orange juice. I’ve never experienced such a difference with my skin. Not only have the visible blemishes been eliminated but also my skin’s texture and general wellness has improved 100%! Thank you ASAP!

Annette A
[From email]

I would like to share a experience I had with the ASAP Silver Solution.

On July 13th, 2000, my family was on vacation on the west coast of Florida. That night we went out to eat at 5:00 pm. On our way back to our hotel I started feeling ill. I was sure it was something we had eaten at the restaurant [food poisoning]. Once back at the hotel I was feeling worse. I immediately took two tablespoons of the ASAP Solution and laid down. With in 1 ½ hours I felt 100% better, at this point I filled a glass with wine and walked down to the beach to catch the sunset with my family, in addition we walked for 1 ½ miles along the beach before going back to our room. I know if I hadn’t taken the ASAP Solution I would have been sick for a couple of days. Any time we travel we are sure to include the ASAP Solution. We will continue to use the solution and it will always be in our medicine cabinet.

Dennis M.
Tampa, FL